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Welcome to Kuoom

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What is Kuoom

A magical place

Kuoom is born from two words KU and OOM.

KU is related to the Mayan god HUNAB KU, god of everything and nothingness and on the other hand OOM, sacred syllable in Hinduism and Buddhism to start and end the meditation practice. It expresses that maximum connection between the physical and the mental, for us, it is an expression of relaxing, letting go, flowing, feeling…

Having spent countless years exploring the globe in search of a destination that offers complete immersion, instant disconnection, and an experience akin to living within a movie, we have proudly brought KUOOM into existence.

Kuoom is the place where animals merge with nature and we merge with them .

About us

A different place never seen before

A young team with a lot of experience in the restaurant and leisure sector but with a single desire, to create something inexplicable. A close, dedicated, familiar and detail-oriented team that lives by a life motto, “the small details make the difference”.

That is our mission, to make your trip, a trip to the beyond.

Where are we located?

A strategic place

Nestled on the outskirts of the Serengeti, Kuoom Lodge is just 15 minutes from the Ikoma gate, the entrance to the Serengeti National Park. Located outside the park boundary, we offer unique advantages like night safaris and Maasai village experiences. Conveniently close to Ikoma and Seronera airstrips, Kuoom is your gateway to the wonders of the Serengeti.

What can I find in Kuoom

Inexplicable things

You’re probably wondering why. Kuoom has been created in a magical spot where you will find a large central rock that connects the energies of the earth, the moon and space. A place where local people believe it recharges your energy and vitality to be at your best.

You will also be able to enjoy...

An incredible gatronomy

Enjoy unique dishes with healthy, sustainable and local food.

Savanna club ................Coming soon

COMING 2025 - A place to relax, read or just let yourself go and watch the animals walking in the amazing Savannah just a few meters from your eyes.

Adventures and adrenaline

Incredible adventures in the heart of the world where things happen in inexplicable ways that are difficult to experience elsewhere.


24H reception service

Room service

Cocktail Bar


Transfers to the AIRPORT

COMING 2025 – Swimming pool with Chill Out area

SPA and wellness center *coming 2025


Meet the Kuoom team

Each of them is dedicated to taking care of every detail so that your trip with us is full of unique moments.

Joel S.

Kuoom Manager

Our Staff

Our Family

Kuoom Values

Passion for providing an unforgettable experience

These values define us and drive us to offer a unique and enriching experience to our guests. We strive to stay true to these values in every interaction, creating lasting memories and sharing the beauty and hospitality of this incredible destination.


We value and respect the natural environment in which we are located. That's why we are self-sufficient in water and electricity.


We believe in providing warm and authentic hospitality to our guests.

Cultural respect

We recognize and value the cultural diversity that exists in the Serengeti and the world.


We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Respect for nature

As we are located in the Serengeti, it is essential that we respect and preserve the nature and wildlife around us.

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